Service / Third Country-Shipment

Elenvio and its Globally Presences Partners work effectively as Globalization in business, there is increase for 3rd country shipment i.e. the need to transport goods between two countries without passing through India. The whole market is our home, we take price and assist our customers in cross trade solutions. We work through a highly reliable network of associates across the globe. This enable us to give our customer excellent service. We operate through a highly credible network of associates at various strategic locations across the globe. This enables us to offer our customers a wide range of reliable, affordable and time-bound cross trade solutions.
Our overseas co-ordination department works full-time to ensure co-ordination, scheduling, supervision of connecting movements and collection of goods. Our Team Provide complete information and processing for cross trade shipments from around the world.e normally made by companies for same shipments used for clinical trials etc or mainly by engineering companies where they serve the customer under warranty/guarantee clause of there contracts.